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HyperWormLab is an experimental framework designed to explore the evolution of simple nervous systems in worm-like creatures. Developed in collaboration with the Evolutionary Complexity Research Group (EPLEX) at the University of Central Florida and the Global Institute for Scientific Thinking, its goal is to provide an open-ended toolkit for the research of simple nervous systems in relation to the modulation of control and coupled integration with primitive body morphologies. HyperWormLab utilizes HyperNEAT for the neural representation and evolutionary framework.
Core features

- OpenGL visualization of virtual 'worms'
- Collision avoidance and resolution
- Import of custom designed environments
- Separate environment designer tool
- Evolutionary speciation visualization
- Neural substrate and CPPN inspector
- Import and export of creature data

- Evolution of target tracking / avoidance behaviours
- Coevolution between worms
- ALife capabilities (pred/prey etc.)
- Coupled evolution of body and brain
- real-time and generational NEAT algorithms